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Sachan Construction, a leading name in real estate and construction world, has completed many residential and commercial construction work near Delhi and NCR area including Faridabad. The growth rate of commercial property is higher in north India, especially in Delhi side. It is the right time to invest in commercial buildings and shopping malls for long term and promising return. Our motto is to let our investor help in earning real value from the real estate.

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  • The timely completing of the projects, professional approach and commitment make us one of the most dependable partners. The success of any real estate projects depends on its timely completing and flawless construction; we follow a strategic plan to avoid any delay on our part.
  • The scope of building construction work is mostly present in developing area. Fortunately, the Faridabad, Gurgaon, Delhi and NCR region offer endless opportunity. The area is expanding fast and the number of residential properties is increasing with tremendous speed. For those seeking to buy property for investment purpose could find commercial properties in NCR area a promising avenue. We have been involved in industrial building construction, mall building construction and shopping complex building constructions in these areas.
  • We provide quality and affordable building construction solutions. Our engineers and designers know what it takes to complete the big projects on time, supported by an active and co-operative team, we work in a strategic way to complete the building construction task.
  • Whether you wish to give a new touch to your old shopping mall or wish to construct a new shopping mall laced with latest commodities and representing the new height of civil engineering and architecture, we are here to complete all your big dreams and aspirations. Inspired to design an environment for better living, we work in collaboration with our clients to assist them in achieving their dreams


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